Seriously? I’ve had the same edit stolen twice in two days. Are you having a laugh? 

It’s really not that hard to just reblog the original, guys. If you like it, reblog it. Don’t steal it, and better yet, don’t steal it and then make it B/W. Like, I know my own edits when I see it and I don’t appreciate them being stolen.  
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Someone has stolen one of my edits, maybe more, and posted it on their blog as their own. Now, I’ve messaged them asking them to take it down but I’m still making a post on the blog about it to draw my followers attention to it.

This is the stolen post. Click  

This is the original post. Click


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8x10 episode still

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4x07/4x08 episode stills

7x12 - Qualitative Spatial Reasoning

November 07 - Godspell Opening

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Showtime’s 2012 Summer TCA Panel - July 30

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Merry Christmas followers!

I just wanted to wish our followers all a Merry Christmas and to say thanks for following us! Did anyone find Hunter Parrish under their tree this morning? ..What? We can dream. 

But, no. Seriously. I just wanted to thank everyone that kept following even when we went through the dark days where we didn’t post anything for two months. Hopefully the new year will bring lots and lots of more posts from us and hopefully more followers too! :) 

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